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Our Goals



Since we are committed to provide a high quality of care we are responsible to set up important goals as provider in order to reach the maximum health care and benefits for our patients. These goals are integrated part of the delivery of services as following:


♦ Effectiveness: which means introducing care and reaching good health outcomes that are based on scientific evidence, such as clinical measurements of improvement in a patient’s condition or measurable health progress to patient’s   goals.

♦ Efficiency: This includes ensuring that the level of care provided is reasonable and cost effective for both patients and community.

♦ Equity: This counts to providing the same quality of health care to those who may differ in personal characteristics and based on their need sother than their health condition or preferences for care.

♦ Patient Centeredness: This relates to putting the patient’s individual needs first, while working on to meet their preferences for care. Furthermore, providing health education about the patient’s condition,prevention, treatment, and supporting the patient.

♦ Safety: Health care providers are required to do whatever they can to avoid any actual or potential bodily harm to the client, such as assessing patient’s risk of fall or injury and  modify what ever needed to create safe environment in his own home, furthermore, use safely the medication, infection control and identify any other risks and provide effective control. 

♦ Timeliness: The goal is to provide the needed health care in the immediate time while minimizing any delays or interruption in health care administration.