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Health care professionals


All our registered nurses are qualified HAAD licensed professionals. Furthermore, exceptional resumes and excellent recommendations, nurses were selected criteriabased on their experience,  scientific knowledge or technical skills, excellent health care management and competent home care nursing.

Our nurses are qualified with a Registered Nurse license in addition to their HAAD license. They are holding Basic Life Support Certification and they has completed the important training and orientation courses in order to provide high quality of services which includes the following

♦ Cultural awareness and provide effective privacy to the patients.

♦ Care planning and coordination

♦ Clinical decision making, monitoring and reporting

♦ Aiming on health promotion and improving the health outcomes.

♦ Integrating health promotion, teaching and counseling

♦ Initiating and evaluating the resources needed for the patient to reach optimal well-being and function with great autonomy in

   their homes.

♦ Effective communication skills to a different age groups.

♦ Clear documentation skills

♦ Manage each patient individually based on their needs.